Facts & Figures of Homeless Veterans

Nationally, there are 58,063 homeless veterans. On any given night in the city of Boston, there are 457 veterans without a place to sleep*.

The national count of veterans in a shelter program is 137,995**. During the course of one year, the city of Boston provided the services to allow 1,605 veterans to be housed in accredited shelter programs, which secured the necessary means to get back on their feet. **

*Source 2012 HUD Point In Time Count
**Source  2012 Annual Homeless Assessment Report

Between August 2014 and June 2015, the City of Boston housed 678 homeless veterans. Although this number is significant, the work is far from over. We need your help to provide much better services and help more of our homeless veterans.

Please take a look at the report entitled Sheltered Homeless Veterans in Boston, MA, below, for more information: